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Hello World!

A gentle and fun introduction to programming for preschoolers.


Students will learn to program using commands like loops and events. The lessons featured in this course also teach students to meaningfully collaborate with others, investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of challenging tasks, and learn about internet safety.

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Unplugged Activites

Preschool students start learning the basics of coding without a computer. They will work with pencil and paper or physical manipulatives. These are intentionally placed kinesthetic opportunities that help students digest complicated concepts in ways that relate to their own lives.

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Visual Blocks Programming

Preschoolers will learn to code with Blockly, which uses visual blocks that they drag and drop to write programs. By starting to learn with a visual programming language, kids  can focus on the logic behind coding, with getting caught up with the complexities of text-based programming.


Fun Characters

Early learners will be introduced to a variety of computer science topics however, the complexities are masked behind fun characters, animations, and analogies that they can relate to. 

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