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Circuit Wizards: BioTech

Kids learn about technology in biology

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Evive BioTech Kit

We teach students about BioTech with the Evive BioTech modular kit. It is a powerful kit which will allow us to explore a variety of biotech applications.

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Real-World Applications

Students will make projects that allow them to check their pulse, measure the tallest friend, analyze their breath, check their body temperature with a digital thermometer, visualize muscle activity, assist the visually impaired, and protect their prized possessions with their fingerprint!

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Inspiring Capstone Project

As the end-of-course project, students will learn how to create a smart hand band for the visually impaired. Students would have all the necessary knowledge to build this very useful application.

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In this series of exciting classes, students learn how to use technology to understand their biological self and in the process, they make project which model real-life. 

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