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Minecraft Mods Explorer

Code Games, Stories & Cool Buildings - Bring them to Life in Minecraft


Block Code Editor

Microsoft MakeCode is a web-based environment that provides a block-editor and a JavaScript editor to create Minecraft programs for the Minecraft Education Edition. With Makecode, students can easily build Minecraft programs.


Apply programming skills

Since coding is the primary method that kids use to make mods in Minecraft, kids learn and apply programming fundamentals like repetition, conditionals, functions, and variables to make mods and games that they can show off and play with their friends. Kids are incredibly motivated to learn to mod because it allows them to do so much more in Minecraft and truly customize worlds to be their own.

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Incredibly Fun

Minecraft modding is a fun and creative way to teach kids to code. As they build mods, they’ll see coding as a tool they can use to bring their imagination to life. And with all the tools and servers, kids can experiment and learn with friends (without parental help) in their own secure and private environment.


Modding is jargon for modifying or altering Minecraft in some way. For example, if you want a block in Minecraft to look like a magic carpet and float like one, you can do that. 

Players love mods as a way to express themselves among the community. As they build mods and add-ons for Minecraft, they’ll learn to code, think critically, and write programs. They will see coding as a tool they can use to bring anything in their imagination to life.

What do Kids Learn with Minecraft Modding?

With their passion for customizing and playing Minecraft, kids often show a really high degree of motivation for using code to build mods.

3D Modeling and Design

When kids create custom mobs - like an elephant or a giraffe in Minecraft, they are using 3D editors to design these creatures.

Cause and Effect relationships

When kids modify the behavior of a panda or a dolphin, they are learning sequencing and conditional logic.

3D Geometry

When they create complex structures such as pyramids and skyscrapers with code, they are learning coding concepts such as coordinate geometry, iteration, and nested loops.

Game Design

When they build Minecraft minigames on their private server, they are using events, triggers, functions, messaging, variables and conditional logic to program their game logic.


When they play with their own friends on their servers, they are learning communication and collaboration skills.

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