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Virtual Reality
Coding Adventures

Kids build their own AR & VR worlds


3D Modelling

Students will learn to express themselves by creating their own renditions of virtual worlds. In doing so, they explore the fundamentals of 3D game design. By the end of the course, students will gain knowledge of immersive virtual reality and 3D modelling. 


Explore Immersive VR

Students experience their creations in virtual reality. It is fully immersive in that they can interact with whatever they have built. What's more is that they get to share their creations with friends and family which can even be experienced on a mobile phone. 


Create VR Games

Throughout the course, we will build a variety of games like VR bowling. By the end of the course, students would be very comfortable with VR game design which is a highly sought after skill in today's digital age.


In this course, children will learn the principles of game development in virtual reality. Under the guidance of a professional, they will discover and practice the key skills required to create digital art, 3D visualizations, and interactive game development using the CoSpaces ED platform.

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