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Robotics Explorer

Code your robot to move, sense, lift, and more

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In this fun, engaging and educational robotics course, we take playtime to the next level. Your child will build different movable and controllable robots, as well as customise their own designs. This course features projects from building cars and spider-like robots to a variety of machines that move balls around a track or feature a robotic arm.


Build Blocks

Children are fascinated with building things and taking them apart. The VEX GO Kit is a construction system that teaches the fundamentals of STEM through collaborative, hands-on activities designed around “builds.” VEX GO builds are student-made, creative, physical structures for STEM investigations.

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Familiar Drag-And-Drop 

With the Scratch block-based interface at its core, students will feel instantly at home with this familiar environment. The intuitive layout allows students to get started quickly and easily.


Inspiring Projects

Robotics is always interdisciplinary in ways that are tangible and applicable to students. Students gain an understanding and knowledge through the connecting of concepts from each of the STEM domains. Guided with empathy, we teach student how to build environmentally responsible robots to tackle real-world problems like the "coral reef cleanup" project.

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