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Hello Tech! 

Introduction to computer science foundations for primary school kids


Build Games

Students will create their own games, art, and digital stories that they can share - all while developing problem-solving, collaboration, persistence, and computational thinking skills


Relatable Characters

Learners will be introduced to a wide variety of topics however, the complexities are masked behind fun characters, animations, and analogies that learners can relate to.


Explore Artificial Intelligence

Students will also be gently introduced to machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence. They will explore how training data is used to enable a machine learning model to classify new data. Students will the learn social impacts of AI by training a simple AI model to clean up the Ocean.


Students will learn to program using commands like loops, conditionals, variables and events. The lessons featured in this course also teach students to meaningfully collaborate with others, investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of challenging tasks, and learn about internet safety.

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