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Scracth Mastery

Beginner to mastery Scratch coding. Build games, stories & animations.


Paint Editor

The Scratch Paint Editor allows users to create sprites, costumes, and backdrops with tools and techniques in Vector Mode. Vector graphics allow students to design various parts of an image separately, resize parts of an image, and increase the image size without the image becoming blurry or pixelated.


Powerful Drag & Drop

Scratch block-based coding utilizes a drag-and-drop learning environment, where students use coding instruction “blocks” to construct animated stories and games. This environment enables the students to focus on developing logical and computational thinking while enjoying the learning experience!


Make a Pokemon Game

As a capstone project for this course, students will learn to make a pokemon-themed game. Along the way and up to this point, students would have already created a variety of games.


The best coding education for your kids starts from Scratch, an MIT-developed, block-based programming tool for young children. Designed to kickstart a coding journey through building engaging games and interactive animations, our course allows your children to develop important skills and confidence for solving problems in a programmatic and logical way.

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