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3D Sandbox

Preschool kids explore 3D modelling and experience augemented reality for the first time


In classrooms, the nature of AR and/or VR encourages children to work together, building their cooperation skills while improving their communication skills. The use of augmented and virtual reality gives your child a sense of control over their learning. A study done on the effectiveness of augmented reality in teaching the alphabets to kindergarten children revealed that students who were taught with AR had significantly better results than students who were taught using traditional teaching methods


Virtual Play

Early learners will be introduced to beginner-friendly virtual worlds. They will learn how to drag and drop elements to create their own virtual world. In this course, they will experience a learning environment  like never before. 


Interact with Learning

As learners can see, observe, and feel during the learning process, they can maintain much of their concentration and attention to the subjects being taught. Learners have fun learning STEAM subjects, and the more fun in the learning activity, the more they understand the concept being taught. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 4.54.52 PM.png

Virtual Field Trips

We take early learners on virtual field trips around the world to learn and experience places like the taj mahal in India, the pyramids on Egyps or even to the moon in outer space - all in augmented or virtual reality from the comfort of the own classroom.

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